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Proceeds support the World Collaboration Games, a 501-C-3 non-profit organization that is focused on the conflict resolution part of the games.

1) Spark Change™ Travel Grants & Scholarship Games: An Invitation
This mini-book/game is an excerpt from the Spark Change™ game Hope Challenge™ a “Create Your Own Adventure” Parashift™ book/game
By Nia The Neutral Naiad & Echo The Empathic Elf

• Play online at for free now. Click here to go to the landing page.

Hope Challenge™ Part 1, A downloadable Interactive Parashift™ , Spark Change™ Challenge Book-Game with Storyline, Skills and Clues (An excerpt from Spark Change™ Magical Skills And Adventures. Game 1, Part 1 of the 2018 Spark Change™ games. Contains an additional invitation that the online version won’t contain.


Anticipated shipping date: 5/1/18

Hope Challenge™ Part 1. The same as above, but is a signed and numbered Parashift™ first edition and fundraiser, and is a Coffee Table 1st Edition of the Book-Game. Each book-game contains original artwork and photography unique to each individual book. Book includes an invitation to participate in helping to create the What Isn’t Yet and to join us in solving problems that might otherwise seem overwhelming and impossible to solve. The book is not tax deductible.

Price: $20,000. (Why so much? Because it’s a fundraiser!)


Anticipated shipping date 12/1/18


Internships: Learn about doing a 1-year internship with Parashift™ or the World Collaboration Games in our Spark Change™ Internship program to learn and practice Spark Change™ Skills, participate in Spark Change™ experiments and research, and work on Spark Change™ projects. Get the Study of Change Part 1, Level 1 Internship Preparation and Skills Certification Training & Challenge here. Internships take place at the Spark Change™ Adventures and Wilderness Access Center in California with the World Collaboration Games, or at the Parashift™ Adventures and Wilderness Access Center.

CONTACT: Intern@School.Org



We need the following volunteers:

Programmers, web developers, big data gurus, web designers, MBA’s, Psychologists, Attorneys, Marketing gurus, Sales gurus, Human Resource gurus, volunteer coordinators, management, planners, analysts, CPA, bookkeepers, support staff, trainees, and more.

Volunteers can volunteer online, or at our Wilderness Access office in the USA.

    CONTACT: Volunteer@School.Org

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    Your contribution supports the World Collaboration Games, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is focused on developing the conflict resolution section of the Spark Change™ games.


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