One Example Of What Some Parents Might Find
Totally Inappropriate Or Wonderfully Appropriate:
A Parashift™ & Spark Change™ Game Clue

Previously in the game you met Psyche, the psyche and the soul of nature, the daughter of Mother Nature; and depending on how one calculates time, she happens to be the same age as you. She is the most beautiful creature you have ever seen, and is made of 100% pure genuine magic, blended with earth, rock, mud, stormy nights, gentle sunlit mornings, muddy swamps, waterfalls, dandelions, honeybees, and all that is wild and untamed.

You and Psyche are walking the Trail of Life and she is teaching you some skills to help you learn how you might win the Spark Change™ games. You are a prisoner of the “What Is”, your beliefs and actions having been formed by living in the society that has surrounded you all of your life… from television, media, teachers, parents and friends. Psyche is helping you to learn how to escape from your prison and explore how to become and create the “What Isn’t Yet.”
~ ~ ~
“Before you arrive at the Meadow of Change, I want to help you begin to learn Spark Change™ Skills. I’ll start by telling you about my dad and his best friend, the moon. They look like twins so you may have a hard time knowing one from the other.

But any moonlit night, look at a calm lake. You will never see the moon on the water of the lake, because my dad’s friend, the moon, lives in the sky. What you will see is my father, Ernie, the Ernest Reflection of the Moon. And if you taste the Reflection of the Moon on the water of the lake, you will discover that he is not made of cheese, which is proof that he is not the moon. He is my father, Ernie… Earnest Reflection, just a simple, gentle, loving gaffer, who enjoys helping Humanys fall in love and Reflect upon Why Not, and What If, and How About.

Dad usually spends most of his time Lost in Reflection, because if one is Skillful About How One Is Lost In Reflection, especially if Ernest Reflection is combined with Brilliant Reflection, and also utilizes Skillful Reflection, then… then…” Psyche, stopped talking and looked at you thoughtfully, gently, deeply, and realized that she was about to calmly say what should be shouted in ecstasy. So she did.

She looked lovingly into your beautiful eyes, took each of your hands in her warm muddy gloppy hands, and then started shouting and jumping up and down and kissing you, and jumping, and spinning, and cart-wheeling, and kissing you as she yelled because she realllly wanted you to pay close attention and hear what she was about to say, and also, if truth be told, kissing you felt like the best thing that had ever happened in her life. And this is what she shouted as she jumped, did cart-wheels, and gave you hugs and kisses:

“Here, (kiss) is a way to be more likely to win the Games…

Later in these games you are going to make something called a Plane of Action. In some ways (hug) it is similar to what you Humanys call a “plan of action”, but different. A Plane of Action must have wings that make your soul fly, (hug) an engine that gives you great power, and wheels and a rudder so you can take off, have a gentle landing, change your destination, (hug with a wiggle) and fly your life in a new direction. (kiss)

To escape from your prison, you will need a really good Plane of Action, and with each new Spark Change™ game you play, you can learn more Skills you can use to improve your Plane of Action. (kisses on your neck) But when you make your Plane of Action, it is realllllly important to remember this:

A Skill they won’t be teaching you in this part of the game is a Skill called the Grandchild Game™. (hug) But, although they don’t tell you this yet, if you include some of the Grandchild Game™ Skills as you play, it may give you an advantage in winning this game. (long kiss, a tender squeeze and a wiggle) There are several Skills to learn in order to play the Grandchild Game™ well, but I’m going to teach you the simplest Skill now so you can use it as you play this game we are playing. (caressing your hair, with a long tender kiss on your lips)

As you play, consider each idea you add to your Plane of Action, and think about how your decisions and each action you take may impact your grandchildren, your grandchildren’s grandchildren, your grandchildren’s grandchildren’s, grandchildren, and all of the Humanys and animals and fish and flowers, and bees and forests, and stuff (hug, then a passionate kiss on your neck) living in the future. (Hand on your butt, she gently pulls you closer for a tender kiss on the lips) How will they feel when they look back on the decisions and actions you will take? What decisions can you make, and what actions can you take to make a good future for them?

Try making a table that lists all the actions and the parts that make up the actions you want to take, and then list the likely impact on your grandchildren, their grandchildren,…etc. Is it possible for you to get what you want in a better way, a clever way, while also being kinder to your grandchildren’s grandchildren, and the world around you? Can you learn the skills needed to trigger rapid change of the beliefs and actions of the Humanys living today so they stop destroying, and start living in harmony with the planet?

(gentle kisses on your neck, cheek, and shoulder) It took millions of years for the trees and plants to create the air you breath today. Millions of years were spent creating the great herds of wild animals that until recently roamed your world, and the fish that swam your oceans. Yet in the span of a few Humany generations, look at what they’ve done to your beautiful pristine planet… (hug and gentle stroking) all with no regard for those who must live with the consequences; the pollution, radiation, the tons of garbage, destruction and decimation of the forests, rivers and oceans, all caused by the Humanys living in this time. (Pressing her body tightly against yours she sensually runs her hands over you.)

My father, Ernie, has asked me to invite you to play this game not only for yourself, but to learn how to use your life to create a clever and kind gift for all who will kiss under the reflection moon in the times of your grandchildren’s grandchildren. He says you are the one… you don’t know it yet, but you are the one who can learn the skills and use them to create change and to do great and powerful magic for the times of What Isn’t Yet.

And that by the way, is the main reason why I find you so, so, so… irresistible.”

Psyche stopped yelling and jumping, again wrapped her muddy arms around you, melted into your arms, and quietly gave you one last tender, gentle, loving, lingering, dreamy, astonishing, wowey zowy, wooga wooga, best experience in her entire life, kiss on the lips, then let go of you, fell to the ground in overwhelming emotion, excitement and passion, but managed to look up at you and continue:

“Every month dad’s interest in providing the night lighting for the planet waxes and wanes, but every night except for one, he does volunteer work: He bestows the opportunity for Earnest Reflection; and provides gentle lighting for romantic moonlit nights, coyotes that howl in the moonlight, walks on the beach in the moonlight, and tender kisses in the moonlight.”

Psyche glanced up at you shyly, and mustered up her courage. “If you ever have the desire to kiss in the moonlight, I’m sure dad would be happy to provide the romantic lighting, and I would be thrilled to be of help with the kissing. Kissing you is the most exciting and wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life!”

Then the thought struck her… the day shift! So she continued. “I’m also friends with the sun who is absolutely brilliant, and does the lighting on the day shift. If you ever desire to kiss due to the brilliance of beauty, wisdom, truth, the Spark Change™ Skills, or because of dandelions, or daffodils, or butterflies, or ladybugs, or anything at all, I’m sure the sun would be glad to help, and I’d love to kiss with you if you would find that helpful… or, or, or educational, or fun, or romantic, or, or, delightful, or joyous, or a fascinating scientific experiment, or irresistible, or, or…”

Psyche realized that she was nervously running off at the mouth, glanced at you, and a whole series of earthquakes shook her inner core. Her face flushed and she called upon the Spark Change™Sexual Attraction Skills for she suddenly realized that she had arrived at, and gone past a Critical Sexual Decision Node. She regretfully wished that she had become aware sooner, and used the Spark Change™ Sexual Attraction Skills before she had kissed you, or even started a conversation with you that might lead to Sexual Arousal, Earthquakes, Tremors, or… or Volcanic Activity.

Using the Wisdom of How To Avoid Tragic Sexual Experiences Skill, she let go of your hand, walked a few feet away from you, turned her back on you, and gave the sky a wave. Storm clouds rushed in above her, and just as a volcano erupted in her soul, a torrent of rain pelted down on her and she began to start using the Spark Change™ Sexual Arousal Skills to cool down and take control of her actions instead of letting her emotions and hormones create a situation that might turn into Unexpected and Unanticipated Tragedy and Regret.

Psyche glanced at you. “Sorry, I can’t help myself… I think it’s the potential of what you may become mixed with the pheromones in your breath, mixed with my raging hormones, love and emotions. I find you irresistible, but instead of acting on my hormones, emotions, love and my impulses and possibly causing potential tragedy that could create a lifetime of heartbreak, I’ve now realized I should have first used the Spark Change™ Sexual Attraction Skills so that I don’t ruin any lives… yours or mine.

I’m really very sorry.

Unfortunately, I took the liberty of touching you and kissing you and holding you without even asking you if… I wanted you to feel the joy and love I feel for you and never imagined or intended you any harm, but…”

Unfortunately, it was here that Psyche’s voice failed and tears began to stream from her eyes as she began to realize the full implications of what she had done, and the way she’d overstepped her bounds by acting in the Here and Now without Earnest Reflection and the use of the Spark Change™ Sexual Attraction Skills.

Unfortunately, it’s never a pleasant experience to have the Unexpected and Unanticipated show up with Tragedy and Deep Regret during or after a sexual conversation or experience, and already she had gone too far. As a result, the Unexpected, Unanticipated, Tragedy and Deep Regret now came to inhabit her soul, for she had touched you and kissed you and held you because of her own desires, hormones, emotions, love and passions without even knowing yours.

Unfortunately, although she had Never Imagined Or Intended You Any Harm, and only wished to give you the joy and love she was feeling, she had failed to even check in with you about how you felt, and about your desires. She had failed to use Neutral and Empathic Skills, failed to engage in Earnest and Skillful Reflection of Why Not, and What If, and How About … and had completely failed to use the Spark Change™ Sexual Attraction Skills together with you.

Unfortunately, the Unexpected and Unanticipated were rather disgusted by this sudden unexpected and unanticipated turn of events and they got up and left before things could get any worse. But Tragedy and Deep Regret kicked off their shoes and made themselves at home in Psyches soul, laughing and sneering at her as they opened a couple of cold beers, and decided right then to throw a No Harm Intended, I Never Imagined party.

Unfortunately, they invited their friends Misery, Relentless Agony, Terrible Suffering, Remorse, Heartbreak, Embarrassment and Shame to come join them, but asked whether on their way they could pick up some chips, pretzels, salami…

The game continues with you and Psyche playing a Spark Change™ Stinky Cheese N’ Crackers Game About Stinky Problems™ that helps both of you to discuss and explore her feelings and behavior toward you, how you feel about her and her behavior, and you make some decisions about Psyche before continuing on your journey toward the Meadow of Change.