Thank you for playing this first Parashift™ mini-game and signing up to participate in the Parashift™ Spark Change™ games! The projected start of the 2018 Parashift™ Spark Change™ games is May 1, 2018. Start date is subject to change. Visit to check on changes to the projected start date, and to participate in the games.

Here’s A Game Clue From Parashift™ To Help You
Prepare For The 2018 Spark Change™ Games:

For the 2018 Spark Change™ Games: games to unriddle,
search and you may find the answers to this riddle.
You may improve your chances by inviting friends & family to
use their creativity and skills to solve this riddle with you.

From the Princess of Hill Stations came: corporation don’t!
Sofia, Justice Rocks & the public made “Kodaikanal Won’t!”
The people felt injustice… so they rap danced a thing!
See what happened next in Sofia’s “We Did Something!”

Use Sofia’s brilliance to inspire a truly effective rearrange.
Can you improve her methods to create massive change?
Re-imagine her action on steroids, give it a jolt of juice,
make a Plane of Action that millions… attract & seduce!

Do you & friends & family want game votes by the millions?
Learn from Adilyn how you might if clever get gazillions!
See Fusion Webucation amazing Adilyn DubStep dance & make
your own skills & a Plane of Action like a clever recipe to bake.

Build on Adilyn’s & Sofia’s amazing examples & discover,
how to become an inventor and science of change lover,
with measurable metrics, test each method of change,
treat new theory with caution, feedback, test, rearrange.

To engage millions of people, re-imagine Sofia’s clever plans,
make an effective way to attract diverse kinds of Humans.
Your Plane of Action must engage their deepest desires,
attract & engage by igniting their passions and fires.

Can you create change catalyst lyrics sung by a popular band,
or clever methods of attracting, engaging and getting a hand,
or a skillful flash mob, socially viral new comedy song n’ dance,
or create science of change while wearing purple underpants?

Don’t sing to your chorus, or dance for your choir,
that’s not the folks who you need to attract or inspire.
Attract the 99% & 1% too, engage their deepest desires & you,
can design change to attract all demographic groups too!

Inspiration alone is inadequate to trigger massive change, why?
Because you must trigger meaningful achievable action by
using self-interest, passion, motivate, attract, don’t estrange!
People pursue what they most want… a clue to cause change!

Submit your Plane of Action at game start or thereafter,
use our Spark Soul Mate Finder™ to search for joy & laughter,
of someone who shares your ideas for creating change,
a soul mate who teams with you to trigger a great rearrange.

You are invited to embark on an adventure of change,
and help create dances & songs for the great rearrange,
or work on the science of triggering rapid change and
become expert at creating catalysts & new ways to understand.

We do not recommend taking action on the ideas you create,
we don’t oversee, encourage action or in any way participate.
More skills and safety planning comes before taking action,
skills to help you avoid causing tragedy and a bad reaction.

Design to be socially viral, newsworthy, and please know,
you can design to make your plan self-spread n’ huge grow.
How can millions be engaged to get a new leader elected?
How can change be catalyzed and the future protected?

Want another clue? If you missed the “Inappropriate” part of this game, it is a clue you can read here.

Our thanks to the volunteers, interns, and contributors who make these games possible.

You are invited to participate!

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