Parashift™ Services And Products

Skills Training, Grants, Scholarships, Career Guidance, Counseling

Spark Change™ is a Parashift™ game, project and service. The Parashift™ software will guide you and help you create an application for a scholarship, grant or skills certification. By learning the skills in these games, we hope you will be in a better position to not only get jobs and pursue a career, but to bring new and unique skills to your profession that provide a better life for you, and a better future for the world. The instructional software embedded in the game format of the Parashift™ games is designed to enable you to use new methods of solving problems that may normally appear impossible to solve.

As you play the Parashift™ games, they help you to identify your true desires, inspirations, values and goals. With this knowledge, by using the Parashift™software, you may be able to identify jobs and careers that closely match with your desires and goals, and that simultaneously help you use the skills you’ve learned in the game to solve environmental and social problems, and facilitate the creation of beneficial, social, intellectual and environmental change.

Play the Parashift™ Spark Change™ games online or download them, or if you prefer something that the dog can chew on, purchase it on DVD at the Store. Study of Change and Spark Change™ Skills certification players can get The Parashift™ Study of Change Level 1 Internship Edition software… the beginning level for players who are interested in gaining skills helpful to doing a Study of Change Internship with Parashift™ . This edition is similar to the online edition, but contains additional skills training, counseling and challenges related to solving environmental and social problems. We review your work and give you feedback, or in some cases may invite you to come do an internship or training with us. Doing a training/challenge does not guarantee that you will be offered an internship. The game you are now playing includes Parashift™ Study of Change Part 1, Level 1 of the Internship Preparation and Skills Certification Training & Challenge Game.

Potentially, all aspects of education and knowledge are involved in the Parashift™ games: history, finance, physics, mathematics, psychology, demographics, biology, everything; but at this point in time our primary focus is on psychology, history, mathematics, demographics, law, Parashift™ science, financial modeling, government, the study of human patterns, the study of change, and invention of tools and games to enable users to collaborate in triggering change in human behavior. Parashift™ games can help you learn skills that may be helpful to you in identifying and pursuing careers, opportunities, vocations, scholarships, grants and learning experiences that match your personal desires, and help you to use your life for the creation of beneficial social, intellectual and environmental change.
Parashift™ book-games and this web platform provide a new form of education, educational support and counseling related to solving environmental and social problems. You are invited to participate, and to help create a missing field of science, the science of changing the patterns of human behavior in order to solve social and environmental problems, and help create the missing field of science that we call Parashift™ .

Business Services

Parashift™ Social & Cultural Media Analytical Services
and Business Data Analysis

Parashift™ develops new ways to improve business while solving environmental and social problems and being of social benefit.
In part, Parashift™ provides analysis of your social media and cultural media (what you are conveying to the world) and your business data (what your business is doing, and how it is operating), and we identify methods for your company to make your business better; to make profits, while also solving social concerns and problems and facilitating the creation of beneficial social, intellectual, and environmental change.

The Parashift™ analytical team conducts analysis of your social and cultural media, company, services, products, and operations using the Parashift™ tools. Then we make recommendations on how you can improve your sales and reputation, while solving environmental and social problems. We empower you to identify methods for solving social concerns and problems, and facilitate the creation of beneficial social, intellectual, and environmental change.

Our net profits from these services help to support our scholarships, grants, educational, environmental and social change games and programs, costs and operations, and support of non-profit organizations engaged in using Parashift™ games to perform environmental and social benefit. For more information about this service or to get a price quote, please contact us at

Parashift™ Financial Analysis

Parashift™ provides financial and analytical services for your business in order to help you identify methods and options for improving your business, while solving social concerns and problems, and facilitating the creation of beneficial social, intellectual, and environmental change. Fees for our services vary depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us at for a quote.

Parashift™ Incentive Awards Programs

Your business can become a Parashift™ incentive award partner. Our goal is to help you increase your profitability while making the world a better place. Parashift™ creates incentive award programs to promote the sale and improvement of your products, goods, and/or services.

Here’s how it works:

You provide free samples of your products, goods, and/or services for us to test. We may test and evaluate the products, goods and services as part of our review process. Products are not returned to you.

We then offer travel and education grants and scholarships for Parashift™ game players who may join with our review team to participate in figuring out how to improve some products, goods and/or services, and to create solutions to environmental and social problems by improving your products and services. We will give awards to some products, goods and services that meet Parashift™ criteria, and companies that sponsor the grants and scholarships may become the recipient of better products, while demonstrating to the players that their products are part of solutions the players and students have participated in creating.

So, your company can earn environmental and social benefit awards, and Parashift™ game players can earn awards by improving your company products. By allowing our review team, and all players of Parashift™ games to help improve your products and services, and by affiliating your goods and services with Parashift™, your company may be able to garner public admiration, and increased sales.

Also, when you engage in this process, if your improved products meet our standards, for a fee you can open a store to sell your products at a web platform sub-domain, and our Businesses For A Purpose web stores. We charge a small fee for hosting at our web sites.

Please contact us at for details. Fees support our Scholarship grants, programs, overhead and operations.

Programs For Students and People Seeking Meaningful Careers

Parashift™ games are designed to help you discover your desires and meaningful career or vocational opportunities. Parashift™ also provides career and vocational consulting on-line to help you identify a career or vocation. We charge a sliding scale fee for our on-line or by phone career consulting services. Please contact us at for services and a quotation.

Parashift™ Scholarship and Financial Aid Consulting Services

If you need help applying for scholarships, grants or financial aid, try using the Parashift™ software contained in our puzzles and games online, and free to help you develop unique and noteworthy applications. If you need more help we are available for additional consulting on-line or by phone for a fee. Please contact us at

Our travel and education scholarship and grant program does take past academic achievement and your future educational goals and personal growth into consideration. However, mastery of Parashift™ game skills, and the potential social benefit and skills exhibited in your game results are often a more significant factor in the scholarship review, determination and administration process. Our scholarships for school, college or other education, are in most cases integrated with a requirement that you use and demonstrate your use of Parashift™ skills in your academic studies. For example, if you are taking classes such as history, government or law, you must be able to ingrate Parashift™ skills into your schoolwork, skills that you will learn as you play the Spark Change™ and other Parashift™ games.

We hope you will find the Parashift™ games helpful in writing applications for school, college scholarships, grants and jobs.

In addition to the Parashift™ Study of Change and Social Purpose Skill Certification programs, Parashift™ provides awards to players and students who exhibit truly exceptional mastery of the Study of Change and Social Purpose skills, and have created significant contributions to the understanding of how to solve environmental and social problems. At times, awards may also be given to scholarship providers, educational institutions, and companies that make advances in understanding how to solve environmental and social problems, and trigger change in human behavior patterns.

If your company, foundation or institution would like to participate in any of these services, or would like to participate in our grant and scholarship programs please contact us at

If you are a student needing assistance regarding your application to college, you can use Parashift™ to help you create a unique and noteworthy application. If you need further help with your college application, additional services are available for a sliding scale fee,

Parashift™ On-line Education, Career Counseling and Consulting Services

Through the Spark Change™ and other Parashift™ games, and as an online service, Parashift™ provides on-line consulting and counseling services to help players explore their career and vocational interest, educational options and career opportunities, and identify educational institutions that would be appropriate for pursuing their career or vocational goals in conjunction with solving environmental and social problems.

When you play, Parashift™ games can automatically help create a grant, scholarship or skills certification application for you. These scholarships are based in part on your game results, and your ability to demonstrate excellence in skills needed to help solve environmental and social problems and cause change in human behavior patterns.

Parashift™ Best In Education™ Awards Program

Parashift™provides awards to schools and educational institutions that promote educational programs directed to or contributing to social benefit and societal good and that integrate Parashift™ skills to solve environmental and social problems.

The Parashift™ Best In Education Awards Program is designed to encourage educational institutions, students and organization members to set up and achieve goals in academics, positive social benefit, and societal good.

Students are encouraged to rank their school, college or university on its integration and adoption of education and programs of study that include environmental and social change and benefit. You can rank your school, college or university here.

Parashift™ On-line Educational Support and Counseling

Through the Parashift™ Games, Parashift™ provides tutoring, educational support and counseling via on-line software. We help players and students identify opportunities, jobs, careers, vocations, scholarships, and means for social change benefiting society.

In addition to Parashift™ games, our on-line software for identifying methods for solving social concerns and problems and facilitating the creation of beneficial social, intellectual, and environmental change, we also provide additional online educational support and counseling services and help for a fee.