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Thanks For The Inspiration

Adilyn Malcolm
Annie Leonard
Annie Nicol
Bill Fernandez
Dr. Peter Vajk
Gary Delgado
Good Karma
Isaac Asimov
Justice Rocks
“Kodaikanal Won’t” team
Kurt Vonnegut
Lewis Carroll
Lin Harmon Walker
Linda Vanzant
Lynne Gurnee
Marvin Lopez
Murray Lewis
Panela Lewis
Richard Riemer
Sigrid Chase
Sofia Ashraf
Steve Jobs

Thanks For Your Help & Wisdom

Good Karma
Linda Vanzant

Thanks For Your Patience

Good Karma
Linda Vanzant
Judy Milani

Thanks For Your Kindness

Gail Flack
Glenn Chase
Good Karma
Judy Milani
Linda Vanzant
Richard Riemer
Ron Kelley
And a lot of people whose names we don’t even know.

Thanks For The Education & Use of Video

The Story of Stuff Project
Free Range Studios


Credit: Frecklefem! Thank you!

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Credit: NASA

Thanks For Writing The Parashift™ Spark Change™ Book Games

Nia The Neutral Naiad
Echo The Empathic Elf